June 15, 2024


ATV trail riding is all about enjoying and sharing natural spaces with your friends and family. Welcome to Custer County, we hope you enjoy your time here. Tourism is a huge part of our economy and we understand that many of you are unfamiliar with the area. We ask that you please remember that many of the roads you will be riding on, are the same roads our local residents use every day. Within just a few miles you could be traveling on a UTV trail system, County Road, Private Subdivision Road, Forest Service Road, or State Highway. Please be mindful of posted speeds and remember you will be meeting passenger vehicles, trucks, horseback riders, pedestrians, and of course, livestock and wildlife.

We all have a stake in safe, responsible ATV riding, and land use.

Keeping riding areas open requires good relationships between public land managers, private land owners, and others who share the land such as riders, campers and hikers. In most cases, common courtesy and consideration of their interests is all that is necessary to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area.

Leave the area as clean as you found it.

If you see litter, pick it up and carry it out on your ATV. Carry a rolled up plastic trash bag and a couple of bungee cords on your ATV. Why not leave the area cleaner than you found it?

Obey trail markers and closure signs.

There are many reasons why an area may be closed to ATVs including the existence of fire hazard, refuge to wildlife or plant life, and safety hazards. The reasons may not be obvious. If it is posted as closed, stay out.

Always leave gates and fences the way you found them.

This is especially important on Forest Service lands where livestock may be kept. Never cut a fence.