January 27, 2022

Planning and Economic

The Department of Planning and Economic Development is committed to providing to the public all necessary information concerning ordinances, procedures and permits governing land use and development in the County. The department strives to balance growth initiatives, respect for private property rights and protection of cultural and natural resources. This department also provides technical planning guidance and assistance to the Planning Commission as well as to the Board of County Commissioners.

Planning Director: Terri Kester
[email protected]

Deputy Planner: Laura Rosane
[email protected]

Staff Engineer: James Kor
[email protected]

Planning Technician: Brandon DeNoma
[email protected]


420 Mount Rushmore Road
Custer, SD 57730-1934

Phone: (605) 673-8174
Fax: (605) 673-8150

The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at the Office of the Auditor or purchased from the Planning Department.

*Planning Commission meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 4 pm in the Commissioner’s Room of the Custer County Courthouse

Planning Commission Agendas         Planning Commission Minutes


Meeting Calendar


Permitting Process
Permit Process

Approach Permit
Approach Permit Application
Approach Construction Requirements

Building Permits
Permit Setbacks
Building Permit Application
Permit Requirements

Sign Permit
Sign Permit Application

Variance Requests
Variance Request Form

Waste Water Information
Waste Disposal Permit Application
Building Wastewater Setbacks
Septic System Distance
List of Certified Septic System Installers
Manner for Conducting Percolation Test
Percolation Test Worksheet
Summary of State and County Septic System Requirements

Floodplain Development
Floodplain Development Permit & Application

Relocation Permit
Relocation Permit Application

Platting Information
Application for Planning Review
Plat checklist
Platting Procedure
Generic Site Plan

Ordinance #2 – Subdivision and Land Use
Ordinance #2 – 1st Revision
Ordinance #6 Revised Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Ordinance #12 – Signs
Ordinance #15 – Cell Tower
Airport Ordinance

County Road and Highway
Road Specs Approved

Fire Pit Information
Outdoor Fire Pit Description
Outdoor Fire Pit Picture
Burn Permits and Fire Pits

Fees and Permits
Fee and Permit Rates

Cell Tower
Cell Tower Application

Demolition Permit
Demolition Permit Application

Plumbing Permit
Homeowner Plumbing Installation Certificate

Electrical Permit
Homeowner Wiring Permit Application

EPA SepticSmart Week
SepticSmart Home

SepticSmart Outreach Toolkit
Local Outreach Toolkit

Section Lines
Section Line Vacation
Section Line Highway Improvement

Record of Property Division
Record of Property Division by Aliquot Description
Access Map Review Procedures

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