May 26, 2024

Planning and Economic

420 Mount Rushmore Road
Custer, SD 57730-1934

Phone: (605) 673-8174
Fax: (605) 673-8150

Planning Director: Terri-Ann Kester
[email protected]

Deputy Planner: Laura Rosane
[email protected]

Planning Technician: Brandon DeNoma
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get an address?
          A: Proof of ownership (Deed) is required. Apply for an Approach Permit to start construction. Approach needs to be constructed to county specs on property. Once                        completed and finalized by Custer County Highway Superintendent, a 911 address will be issued.

Q: When do I need a septic permit?
          A: If you install, construct, modify, extend, replace, or relocate a septic system in Custer County.

Q: May I install the septic system myself?
          A: Only persons certified by the State of South Dakota may install, repair, or upgrade septic systems in Custer County.

Q: Is there zoning or building codes in Custer County?
          A: Currently, there is no zoning or building codes in Custer County. Please reference Ordinance #2 or contact the Custer County Planning Office for more information.

Permitting Process & Fees
Permit Process
Fee and Permit Rates

Permit Applications


Ordinance #2 – Amendment Number 2 – Wastewater
Ordinance #2 – Subdivision and Land Use
Ordinance #2 – 1st Revision
Ordinance #6 Revised Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Ordinance #15 – Cell Tower

*Planning Commission meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 4 pm in the Commissioner’s Room of the Custer County Courthouse

Meeting Calendar

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Planning Commission Members

Roland Bauer – Chair (12-31-2026)
Aaron Davis – Vice Chair (12-31-2024)
Aaron Hemingway (12-31-2024)
Peg Ryan (12-31-2024)
Philip Abernathy (12-31-2025)
Eric Lewis (12-31-2025)
Juliann Gramkow – Alternate (12-31-2026)
Mark Hartman (Commissioner)

The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at the Office of the Auditor or purchased from the Planning Department.

PDF files require Adobe Reader 8